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Our highly experienced business accountants and advisory team has helped many businesses in Perth and the rest of Australia not only manage their tax and finances, but reach their true potential.


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Start you business

Get Your Business Off the Ground

At a glance, technological advances make starting a business appear to be child’s play. Claim a domain, assemble a website, make a few Instagram posts, and voilà you have a business. Unfortunately, starting a business takes a considerable amount of know-how that goes beyond what many would have you believe.

At M2 Corporate, we can assist you with creating a business that will last, that you will be proud of, and that will make profits. We offer a variety of services that will start your business off right. We can help with,

  • Company Set-up
  • Tax Strategies
  • Trust Set-up
  • Management
  • Asset Protection

Additionally, our experts can assist you with choosing a business structure, making your budget, presentations for potential investors, and more. We are committed to helping your company get the best start possible.

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Growing Your Business

We work with businesses at all stages. Whether you are brand new or have been serving your industry for decades, M2 Corporate business accountants and broader team can help your business thrive.

Business growth does not just happen. Growth depends on planning and positioning your company for success. You need insight into areas where your business will prosper along with financial planning, inventory management and more.

With our accountants at M2 Corporate, you can depend on us to partner with you to address the crucial points that centre around growth. Our experts offer guidance and support in a number of ways:

  • Help with Planning that is Strategic and Realistic
  • Business Finance and Cash Flow
  • Forecasts Built on Our Monitoring and Measuring
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Business management

Business Management Strategies

Keeping track of the day-to-day operations is just one of many vital parts of managing your business. At M2 Corporate, we understand how much you put into running your company. We can lighten the load for you with our business management components.

One person trying to do everything is not how you run a business. It is how you achieve crippling burnout. M2’s business management service can help you by taking care of numerous sections of your company including,

  • Accountants – Often, business owners cram their accounting tasks in between an already packed schedule resulting in sloppy mistakes
  • Bookkeeping – Payroll, business activities, cloud accounting, and software add-ons
  • Taxation – We ensure your reports to the ATO are accurate. Additionally, we can take care of your company’s income taxes and payroll taxes
  • Maintaining Company Compliance – We understand the complex regulatory requirements to keep your business on track
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Exit strategy

Exiting Business Strategies

If you own a business that is thriving, there will come a time when you have to say goodbye. Whether you are following a new dream or perhaps retiring to enjoy some well-earned relaxation, it is a moment that M2 Corporate can help you plan.

There are some crucial decisions that you must make and several plans to set into action when the time comes. Fortunately, our experienced accountants know how to maximise your gains and minimise taxes when you are set to leave. You
can depend on M2 Corporate to have everything you need for a smooth transition including,

  • Succession Planning
  • Valuation Advice
  • Business Sale Advice
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Personal accounting

Personal Accounting and Finance

Most people find taxation in general, and income tax in particular, simple. However, some people need to plan for income streams outside of their jobs, and possibly also multiple businesses they run.

At M2 Corporate, we’re experts in personal tax. We can help you avoid stress and save money by taking care of your taxes for you. With our expertise in income tax, wealth planning, and more, we can make sure you’re ready to handle anything that comes your way. Let us help you keep your finances in order.

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We become your partner; we understand you, your business, your finances, and your goals. By fully understanding you we can give the best advice possible.

With years of experience our qualified team of business accountants can provide our services to whatever stage your business is at. We have helped new start-up businesses in their early days, as well as assisting with management and growth to ensure they can be around for years to come. While sometimes it’s time to move on, M2 accountants can provide services to help you plan your exit, whether that’s for retirement or to fund other ventures.

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What Our Clients Say

Fairview Plumbing & Gas

Fairview logo
We have used M2 Corporate from the get go with our small business which was established in 2012. We have received the most amazing support from Mace, Mario and all there staff and nothing but the upmost professionalism across the board. There knowledge in all aspects of not only accounting but business has saved us so much time and effort trying to outsource solutions for any issues we have encountered.

- Joel Fienberg - Fairview Plumbing & Gas

KX Pilates

Pilates logo
Mace and Lin are constantly searching for new ways to support my business. Their help is always efficient and friendly. So grateful to have them as part of my success team.

- Kylie Falconer - KX Pilates

Perth is OK!

Perth is OK logo
The team at M2 Corporate have helped streamline our business financials so that we can spend more time doing what we do best.

- Luke Whelan - Perth is OK!

Lifeskills Australia

Lifeskills australia logoGreat, we love M2, they are really helpful, highly professional, they genuinely care about my business, they want me to be successful, if I’m successful then they are too.

- Lifeskills Australia

James Leeming

M2 corporate have been great since coming across a couple of years ago. Whilst my business is only small they still have plenty of time for my needs and support is always available. I feel they always have my best interests at heart and will be there as my business potentially grows in the future.

- James Leeming

Jessie McGarry

We’ve been working with Mace and the team at M2 for 5 years now. Lin, their bookkeeper is an absolute gun, and keeps the books up to date and shipshape! Mace and his team are amazing at responding to any questions we have, and often take issues completely out of our hands and return them resolved. M2 is an excellent asset to any business, and we are so financially better off because of them.

- Jessie McGarry

Corey Pace

M2 Corporate and the whole team are fantastic. They are extremely professional helpful and no job is too big or small. I have referred many of my self employed and PAYG clients who have always been very impressed with their services.

I personally use their services for my annual tax compliance and they always get me great results along with providing clear, professional and detailed advice!

I would highly recommend using there services to any friends and family.

- Corey Pace


Speak to our team of experienced team of business accountants Today! If you’re looking for small business accountants, SME business accountants, taxation, or business advisory services. We’re here to help.

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Why M2 Corporate

M2 Corporate is your local accounting firm. Over the years, we have helped a vast number of clients achieve their business and personal goals through careful planning and business strategy. We’ll work closely with you to provide sound and professional advice that we’ve gained through our years of experience in the industry.

About M2 Corporate

M2 Corporate is a boutique practice that provides Accounting, Taxation, and Business Advisory services. We specialize in providing such services to individuals and companies of any size. Our staff have expertise in accounting and tax matters, and we will ensure that we can meet your accounting needs.

Good relationships start with trust. We want to build successful partnerships with our clients by showing them we care. When you first contact us, you will be offered a no-obligation and free consultation. This involves meeting one of our experts who will discuss your accounting and finance needs. We believe this is the perfect opportunity for us both to access how well we could work together.

At M2 Corporate, we are determined to be your partner. We know how difficult business and finances can be, which is why we will always strive to help you achieve your goals.

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